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"Helena" Plotline

Hi everyone. This is a general discussion area about what i'm calling the "Helena" plotline, which currently focuses on the crew of the starship Helena. How is everyone enjoying the plot so far? Any particular comments about the characters themsevles, or their motivations? Any questions raised so far that you'd like answered during the course of the story? Speak your mind, i'd really enjoy hearing some feedback!

Remember to sign your posts so we know who is talking, :D (sign by typing four '~' characters).

So far I've been going with the flow, letting Morgon and Sourek lead the story plotwise. I'm interested to see where it goes! I plan on eventually creating an encounter with my other character, prisoner G-4349, but not a permanent merge. That story is still undergoing some big changes so it will be a little while before I am ready.

I might recommend we prioritize fleshing out the characters aboard the Helena, as they become less strangers and more allies and even eventually, friends. No better way to do this, though, than to put them through more stressful situations together! So onward with the plot we go. -Elliot Frost 18:41, June 25, 2012 (UTC)

I agree, character development is going to be a priority for me for the time-being; there's still a lot of good story to go through before we get involved in a "saving the universe" sort of situation. The motivations of each character are interesting and pretty unique so far, so i'm looking forward to the interaction.Craig Huston 18:56, June 25, 2012 (UTC)

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