An example of Styrrin's frozen planes. (Source unkown)


Styrrin is a frozen, mostly barren planet in the outer fringe of the galaxy. It hosts several small cities and settlements, mostly home to refugees and outlaws.

General InformationEdit

Stryrrin is the seventh planet in the Stribog system, on the outer rim of the galaxy. Night lasts seventeen-hours. Moisture is everywhere, most of it frozen. The entire planet is a frozen solid sphere of liquid; water, near the surface, then heavier liquids farther down and eventually a solid rock core. Mist covers the surface of the planet all day long. At nightfall the mist clears because the suns stop melting the frozen surface of the planet. The mist refreezes over everything that isn’t under shelter.

Photographers and writers sometimes visit because of the massive, stunning ice sculptures that are created naturally with the melting and refreezing of the ice near the equator line. The small population of the planet is made up of hardy people who want to either hide from the Alliance or have an unhealthy love for snow and ice.

Involved StoriesEdit

Needle of Ice